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[It’s been over a week since Rhyme’s death penalty has been removed. The side effect, which made her hands unable to feel anything hot or cold, that came with the removal is gone now. Though it wasn't enough to keep her from starting work back up at All Passions the moment she got the use of her hands back.

To be honest though, the task of making and designing clothes for the shop the way Shiki did is… jarring. Extremely jarring.

Shiki had always wanted to be a designer and was even able to open her own shop up here. She had a natural talent for making clothes and even made the very ones she wore on her person every day (which Rhyme has a lot of those clothes in her closet). 

Rhyme has never had much of a skill in sewing, at least nowhere near Shiki’s skill level. She had been her apprentice and even took to sewing a little when she was here though not enough to say she became incredibly skilled, but enough to say she could sew at least a little on her own. Though now the little skill she had has waned a lot in the past half a year because of her death penalty rendering her hands completely useless and unusable.

So all of that combined plus the very fact that she was now working at the shop alone....

It's nerve wracking.

However, not all was as bad as it seemed, she had to remind herself of that. Just last month there was a commission given to the shop for a wedding dress. While she may not have been able to help much aside from oversee the project out, she was able to watch and learn from everyone who pitched in to help make it. And again last month, Hikaru had started using the shops sewing machine to make his own clothes and, of course, she doesn't watch over his shoulder, but every now and then she'll get to see what he was doing and take notes from that.

Still, getting back into sewing has been no easy task (though what more is to be expected). Pricking her finger on needles and messing up amidst her attempted sewing work happens more often than not. But she's okay with that. Practice makes perfect, and so long as she continues to practice at a good pace, she'll get the hang of it again in no time and with enough clothes to fill the shop from last years lines, she can take her time practicing.  Not that she'd rush if she didn't have the time.  Haste makes waste after all!!


While Rhyme is working on one of her practice projects today, pinning the fabric up on a manikin for the time being, she opens up her journal ]

Hey, everyone!  I was wondering, does anyone have any advice for someone who's kind of a beginner at sewing?   I'm finally able to use the sewing machine again but it's been a while since I've used it, so I'm a little out of practice. [A light giggle]  Any kind of advice would help, like what kind of things I should practice making first and everything.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier this month but All Passions has it's fall line up!  If you're looking for something wing friendly and warm, we've got just what you need!

[And the message ends there. For the rest of the day, anyone can find Rhyme in All Passions setting some things up, taking a look at the clothes or rummaging around in the back either working on the designs Shiki left behind or looking through some fabric and materials.]
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[It’s been just about a month now since Shiki and Neku have both left Luceti. To be without them both—especially Shiki—considering that they’ve been with her ever since she got here, has been weird and it hasn't really been easy either. Especially with Rhyme's death and her penalty both weighing down on her and Beat pretty heavily.

Losing both the ability to use her hands and the shoulder Shiki provided for her to lean on has pulled her down the most. Without her hands, there wasn't much she could do, not even eating or drinking without some kind of help which mostly came from Beat. And without Shiki, well, there wasn't someone she could talk to about it since talking about it with Beat only made him feel worse than he already did. She didn't want that.

So she's been keeping a smile on her face and her head held high, for him and herself. Besides, not all things were as bad as they seemed. She knew this, which helped. Shiki and Neku went home to beat the Game, to live on, and Shiki didn't go leaving nothing behind. She gave Rhyme a purpose even with her hands as they are.

She had helped her friend around All Passions ever since she got to Luceti so she knows how things work. And coming from Shibuya, a city of trends, she can handle fashion and clothing. But there's one thing she can't do herself there... so today, while things are finally calming down again, she opens up her journal--]

I’d like to ask for some help. My friend who owned All Passions, Shiki, left not too long ago and she left me the shop to take care of while she’s gone.

I’m not really able to make clothes myself right now so I was wondering if anyone who knows how to sew or if any one of her apprentices would like to work here. I can teach anyone who wants to about the trends and fashion styles that are in the shop since I’d like to keep that as close to the same as possible. [She can’t expect it to be the exact way it was of course but she knows the Shibuya style by heart and Shiki has a lot of that in here so anything close will work.]

There'd be no pay since Luceti doesn't have money and all, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

[And while she’s at it!] Also, All Passions has started its summer line. Please come by if you’d like custom made and wing friendly clothes that are ready for the heat and beach!

[And there the feed ends.

All day, Rhyme will be spending her time at All Passions either out on the porch watching the people in the plaza or inside organizing things and making things look nice. It’s difficult to be productive when she can’t use her hands to sew but she’s trying her hardest.]
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Action; Locked to Joshua

[Dying was surreal but painful. Feeling the blade run through her body, hearing the chime of the bell pendant ringing in her ears as all else was muted, even Beat’s screams, feeling the squeeze of Beat’s arms around her as her body began to give way to death for the second time, her lips only moving to repeat two words.

“I’m sorry.”

She had broken a promise. A promise not to get hurt for him if something bad happened… and she was sorry for what he had to see, watching her get stabbed with a blade then watch her die.

But through her guilt, she didn’t regret dying. She didn’t regret going through a terrifying experience. Because Beat was able to live. So long as he was okay, so long as he was able to walk away from that place alive… there was nothing for her to regret… except for making him go through that same terrifying experience.

After what felt like such a long time living in darkness, she finally slowly opens her eyes to see the living world once more. For a moment, she briefly thinks back on when she woke up back in the UG for the first time and nearly half expects a pin and phone to be on her person in the midst of her half unconscious state. But as her eyes adjust, instead of seeing a crowded city, she realizes she’s in someone’s living room. Not hers, but someone else’s. She carefully sits herself up on the couch she had been laying on and looks around.

Where is she?]


I’m back, everyone… Beat. [She speaks his name softly, a wave of guilt washing over her remembering what he had to go through. What she did to him.]

I'm sorry if I worried anyone... I hope everyone was able to make it back safely from the draft.  It's good to see that it's over. [There's a pause] Also, thank you to anyone who looked after Beat. [Whether it was on the draft after what happened or here while he was waiting for her to come back.

He would've needed a friend, Shiki, Neku or someone else that he knew.  And if someone was so kind as to be there for him?  She's grateful]

I'll be home soon.

Voice; Filtered to Shiki – 60% locked

Shiki. [There’s a serious but wary tone to her voice] I need to talk to you in private about something.  Are you at All Passions right now?
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[Since today isn’t raining and it’s nice outside, Rhyme is sitting outside on the porch of All Passions. She’s leaned over in her chair, shoes resting on the edge of her seat with her arms and head resting on her knees, watching people go about their day in the plaza.

For the past few days, Rhyme has been like this, staring out into space with an almost thoughtful yet sad look on her face. And it’s because of this.

Of course this isn’t the first time she’s thought about dreams. It’s come to her mind several times in her time here. How could it not? It’s like a curse that follows her wherever she goes, whether it be the UG or here in Luceti. But now… she can’t seem get it off her mind.

Maybe it's because she's sad.  Maybe even jealous of some of the people here?  A mix of both sounds right.  They have dreams that they can work towards, give up for others or have even made some come true already.

Like Shiki who got her own store and designs clothes.

Neku, who wants to run a coffee shop.

Haruhi who runs a brigade to help people.

...But that means that if they can keep moving forward here, there might be something here for her too, right? Of course! There has to be. Beat’s taught her to never give up on finding a dream for herself but… how to get started? How would she even start to find something here?

After a thinking a bit more to herself, she pulls out her journal and opens it up]
Has anyone ever had a dream?   Like... an ambition in life.  It could be one that you had back home or maybe even found here in Luceti.  [A brief pause]  What was it and how did you find it?

[Another pause while she giggles to herself, a little embarrassed] I'm sorry for all the questions, I just wanted to get an idea.
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[Leaning up against the fountain in the plaza is a girl, a new feather if you will, which is pretty obvious by looking at the white dress she has on.  There's no telling how long she's been out here exactly, but it's been a while considering the fact that she's soaked.  Her blonde hair is sticking to her cheeks and neck, her white wings are slightly darker and heavier from the water and her dress is practically clinging onto her thin legs.

And what's strange is...

...She doesn't appear to be moving.  She doesn't stir nor does she open her eyes.  No matter how long you may stare at her, she just stays like that; sitting on the cold ground, holding something loosely in her hands while the rain pelts her continuously.  Is she sleeping?]


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